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PHOTO INSTRUCTION DVDs: (Improve your Photography!)

Based on successful courses that David has taught,in Canada, Germany and the USA, 
"The Elements of Photography", teaches you a Pro's secrets for making better
photographs, with any camera, every time. (4 Hours) "The Fundamentals of
, teaches "How Works a Camera", so that when you read your instruction
book, it makes sense, rather than being "gobbledegook". (4 Hours) "The Secrets of
, will help you master some of the most difficult shots in photography. (1 Hr.)

Elements of Photography
Fundamentals of Photography
Secrets of Photography
The  DVDs ares US$19 + US$5 shipping, each (Canada & USA only). Or buy all three and
get all 9 hrs of instruction for just US$50 and FREE Shipping (Canada & USA.) Saves you
US$22! (for orders from outside North America, please email me.) PAL versions available.