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Leica M9 Instructions Click HERE to download.

Introduced  in September of 2009 the M9 used an 18.5-megapixel Kodak CCD sensor, developed specifically for the camera. The M9-P (2011) was sold concurrently. It had a scratch-resistant sapphire LCD cover and the body covering was Vulcanite, as used on ealier M cameras. The steel grey paint option was replaced with a classic chrome cover but black paint was available The red dot logo on the front of the camera was replaced with a Leica script on the top cover.

The Leica M-E camera (2012) was similar to the M9 cameras, but is missing the M9's frame-line selection lever and the USB port. It was the cheapest in the Leica M9 series.

This M9 instruction book will do for all three verisions.

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