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The Leica MP (2003) is a rangefinder-focusing, 35mm film camera which adopted many retro design features including an M3 type metal film advance lever, knob film rewind design and M3 type frameline adjust lever. Features include an integrated TTL lightmeter (EV-2 to EV20). Only the lightmeter requires batteries to operate; the rest of the camera is fully mechanical and will operate without electricity. The camera's viewfinder is available with different magnifications of 0.58x, 0.72x and 0.85x and is improved to reduce flaring with multicoated glass elements and a condenser lens. The camera is also compatible with Leica Motor-M, Winder-M, Winder 4-P and Winder 4-2 motorised film winders.

German is first. English instructions start on page 56.

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