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Leica R3 & R3-MOT
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Introduced in 1976, the R3 was developed during the Minolta-Leitz collaboration in the mid-70s. Unlike the Minolta XE (XE-1 in Europe, XE-7 in the US) on which it is based, the Leica R3 offers a choice of integrated or selective field (spot) metering.

The R3 is basically very reliable, though known for a few odd "quirks".  Today, it can be both
difficult and expensive to have repaired.  If you are testing an R3 prior to purchase,
and find that the mirror stops mid-way, do not panic.  This is what R3's do, when
the battery is near dead. If there is no replacement at hand, turn the
camera off, and select the B or X shutter speed. The mirror will
then lower to it's normal position.

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