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Canadian photographer &  writer, David Young, has been behind a camera since the early
1960's, capturing images in 33 countries. Since 2001, David has focused on wildlife 
photography. His photographs have appeared in numerous newspapers & magazines
in both Canada & the USA while his prints grace walls from the Ukraine, to Abu Dhabi  to 
Unlike many wildlife photographers, David does not use bait stations, feeders, lures, or hides.
All his images are made, in the wild, in the bird or animal's natural habitat. Rather than
lure them In, he goes out in the woods to find them! It is a LOT harder that way, but
David believes in keeping the "wild" in Wildlife Photography.

David has been a guest speaker & presenter at photographer's conventions in Germany,
across the USA and, of course, in Canada.  He has judged both the "National  Nature" and         
"National Open" competitions for CAPA  (The Canadian Assoc. for Photographic Art) and
has served on the Board of the International Leica Society.

He has taught photography in both Canada and the USA and has also penned dozens of
articles for both "Viewfinder"magazine and various newpapers.  Coming soon is his "A Brief
History of Photography", published by Rocky Nook Books.  Look for it  in November, of 2024.
David was "Profiled" in  CURRENTS Magazine. To download the PDF,  click here, &  then
check your  DOWNLOADs  folder.

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