A Brief History of Photography

20 years in the making,
A Brief History of
Photography is just
what it says it is. Fast paced and easy to read, yet it covers the complete history from 1614 right through the end of 2020. It
not  only includes the chemistry, but also the seminal cameras,
films, lenses and accessories of their day; along with hundreds of
"trivia" & "oddities" entries - which offer little-known, yet
fascinating background details on both the inventors & their inventions.  Profusely illustrated.

"Wow! [I'd like to say] how enormously impressed I am with your history of photography. To compile that much information, covering so many different
aspects of such a very wide subject matter, is an amazing feat. It's just before midnight now ... and I've been reading non-stop for about four hours.
Once again: WOW!"

                                                                         D.S. Alberta, Canada.

"...terrific - full of illuminating stories".
                                                                         A.B. Oxford, England.

"For photographers, it's the ultimate bathroom reader."
                                                                          MV,  Alberta, Canada

Your book is fantastic! So much information.... as far as
I am concerned your book is worth way more than what
you are charging.

                                                                          M.L. Vancouver, Canada

                             Cover Photo                                                 
Coming to a book store, near you, December, 2024