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EQUIPMENT REVIEWS: (Equipment & Firmware as I see it.)

Current Reviews: The Olympus OM-D EM-1 MARK II

Leica 100-400  DG Vario Elmar on the E-M1 MK II.
NEW! Leica 100-400 Vario-Elmar - One Year Update.

Review: Olympus 12~40/2.8 PRO Zoom lens.

Moustache Distortion in the Oly 12~40/2.8 PRO Zoom.

Review: The Olympus 9/8 Fisheye lens in a body cap.
Review: The FlashQ  Q20 Wireless Flash & triggers.

Review: The 75/1.8 Zuiko lens.

Older Reviews: Tested: E-M1 Firmware 4.0 for the EM-1 Mk I.

13 Leica Reviews (Prev. published in Viewfinder magazine.)

Custom fitting a case for the E-M1 (a DIY project)

The trouble with AF adapters.

The Roxsen Pentax Screw (M42) to Pentax K adapter.

My Vintage Nikkorex 35/2 Camera.

My 1950 Beauty Six 6x6 Folder (One of only 2 in the world.)