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What size are the photos?  My photos are self-matted, 8x10" prints with approximately
6x8" images.

Can I use my Credit Card? Yes. I accept both Visa and MasterCard, directly. (Email me
first! Do not send your credit card number, via email !)  You can also use your credit
 or debit cards through PayPal. 

Will I have to pay Duty?  If you live in Canada, the USA  or Mexico, no. These photos &
DVDs are Canadian made and are covered by free trade agreements. In other countries, you
may have to pay a small amount of Duty and/or VAT when they arrive. That being said,
experience has shown that most times, in most countries, our prints and DVD's are priced
low enough that they often arrive at your door, without duty being charged. However, we
cannot guarantee this!

When will my photo(s) arrive? All orders are shipped via Canada Post - by AIR if outisde
North America, and usually within 48 hours. Delivery times vary, but most major centers can
be reached within 10 to 14 days. Please be aware that we do travel a fair bit, or I may be on
assignment. I will email you, if there is to be a delay. Safe delivery is guaranteed.

Can I get prints anywhere else?  If you are in the area, my prints can also be purchased
The Creative Company, 2074 Quilchena Ave, Merritt, BC., Canada. Open daily: 10 to 5.
Closed Sundays & Holidays.